For more than 100 years, Mars Associates have been practicing the art and science of making products and services that consumers love. We like to say that we have a “healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo”. Because of this we are constantly evolving and growing as a company – and we are always striving to bring The Five Principles to life in the way we work. This is the heart of our family-owned business. It’s a rewarding challenge.



Pets at work can offer a sense of comfort, help relieve stress, and in some cases improve productivity and company morale. However, it is up to their owners to ensure they take full responsibility for their pets while in the office and respect all surrounding work areas and fellow associates on site. At Mars, we are deeply committed to creating a better world for pets. We practice what we preach by having a pet-friendly workplace and often have dogs in our office. During Take Your Dog to Work Week we up the ante by having pet-friendly activities that truly celebrate and highlight the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.



Working at Mars matters. If you have a passion for brands that touch lives and a desire to be a part of a growing business that is making a difference for people and their pets every day, then Mars might the perfect place for you. We’re not fancy. We don’t have corner offices with killer views. But, we get to work with great people who share career ambitions that include making the world a little better.

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The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 84 percent of the 570 million farms worldwide are fewer than two hectares and are owned and run by families. These smallholdings, found mainly in low-income countries, support more than two billion people worldwide. Many of our raw materials, including cocoa, coffee, and tea, are grown by smallholder farmers. Because of the small size of their holdings, they’re particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, water stress, soil degradation and plant diseases.

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