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At Mars, you will grow beyond what you can possibly imagine. Dive into the different functions and imagine how you could fit in and do more as a Mars Associate. At Mars, we interview more than 100,000 people a year around the world for our open positions. We want to make sure everybody who goes through the application and interview process gets an honest and positive experience of Mars, no matter what the end result. Take a few minutes to read through what we look for, our interview tips, and then start your search.

Qualities we look for in every candidate

It’s great to see a resume full of fantastic accomplishments, but we care less about the “what” was accomplished and more about the “how” they were achieved.

Ideal candidates will be naturally collaborative and curious. They’ll know how to get things done, through formal and informal channels. They also will have examples of how they demonstrate accountability and delivery of consistent results. We want candidates who have learned from their mistakes and seek continuous improvement for self-development and growth.

Candidates’ resumes will need to reflect the minimum qualifications of the position. We encourage candidates to include special capabilities and skill-sets, including leadership examples of self and others. Showcasing results achieved also is a must.

What to know about Mars before an interview

We don’t like to set too many expectations before an interview. However, we are looking for curious minds that will naturally want to find out as much as possible about us.

At the very least, look through this and our brand websites to get a sense of what we do and who we are. You also can download and read the latest Principles in Action Summary, which shows how we live and breathe the core values of the company every day.

Because our culture is so unique, it’s important that you have an idea of what it’s like before you come in and see us. You should consider how it matches up with your skill sets and working style, and honestly reflect on whether you’d like working at Mars.

Interview approach and examples

In most cases, we focus on behavioral-based questions during the interview. We look to see if candidates have had direct experience, observed others, demonstrated, and have made personal change in a particular skill set or competency. Here are some examples:

  • What is the best communication of a vision you have ever witnessed? What did you learn from that?
  • What are the best three books you have read? And why did you choose them?
  • What has been your biggest workplace failure? What did you learn from it?
  • What is your natural role in a team, and how does this affect the way you approach being the leader?

Watch-outs for your interview answers

When interviewing, some candidates tend to get wrapped up in their thoughts and not answer the actual question that was asked. Make sure your answers are clear, thoughtful and not too long or too short. Balance the length of your response. In addition, avoid answering questions in a hypothetical manner. We want to hear about real-life experiences, what was learned and how it was applied to new situations.

Questions candidates should ask

We encourage candidates to ask the interviewer(s) what they think are the upsides and downsides of working at Mars. No business is perfect, and for some, the way we work won’t be the right fit. It’s best to be open from the start, as recruitment is a two-way decision. You’re interviewing us as well!

Ready to apply? Find your perfect fit:

Still in school or just finished? Mars wants to help you achieve your dreams and will equip you with the tools and training to be successful at our company – and beyond.

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Our Logistics team strives to consistently produce and reliably deliver the best possible products to our consumers worldwide.

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The talented financial professionals at Mars provide the full spectrum of financial services to protect assets and guide strategic development.

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Our Procurement team gets to look across the entire supply chain and provides insight into everything from consumer perspectives to material functionality.

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Also known as People & Organization, this team creates conditions where our Associates can grow, learn and develop, empowering each individual to further his or her career.

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Information Services (IS), our global IT division, is constantly looking around the corner to see how our business takes advantage of the latest technologies. Our IS team develops, deploys and supports tech solutions.

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The Mars Manufacturing team works to consistently produce and reliably deliver the best possible products to our consumers worldwide.

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Mars Marketing Associates bring to life truly global brands. They’re given the freedom to think big, be creative and develop powerful ideas.

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The Sales team lives for driving profitable growth through excellence in the eyes of our consumers, assuring availability, proper pricing and strong promotions.

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Our brilliant engineers drive how we produce and deliver the products people love around the globe.

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We want our Associates to have fun, be challenged and explore their skills every day. That’s the only way we really grow and reach our full potential.

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